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Clean yet textural. Classic yet modern.

Refined design is what sets Amanda Lodge Design apart. 


Although ALD is headquartered in Houston, owner Amanda worked in Austin for a large part of her career and still continues to work on numerous projects there. Austin’s innovative nature and ability to stay ahead of the curve helped Amanda refine her own design aesthetic, ultimately leading her to start her own interior design firm in 2019. 


While ALD appreciates trends, the main goal is always to keep it fresh and work with you to design a space that looks and feels entirely yours, from top to bottom. 


From bedrooms and living rooms, to kitchens and nurseries, Amanda will work with you hand-in-hand to bring your vision to life via materials, paint colors, furnishings, and everything little thing in-between.

meet ald

meet amanda

Growing up, Amanda was incredibly close to her grandmother who was a designer so the design bug was planted early. However, she realized a little too late into her college years that an Interior Design degree would require more time in school (which, as a 20-year-old, she couldn’t be bothered with), so she settled on Strategic Communications with a minor in Business. 


After graduating from Texas Christian University, Amanda moved to Dallas and took her first job within the advertising industry, realizing pretty immediately she should’ve gone for the Interior Design degree. She wasn’t discouraged, though—she decided to forge her own path to get into the field in which she belonged, and made the move back to Houston in 2014 to attend interior design courses at the Art Institute of Houston. 

While in school, Amanda also worked for Kara Childress until 2016 when she and her husband made the move to Austin. There, she furthered her interior design skills working for Mark Ashby Design, gaining more and more hands-on experience and confidence in her craft with each passing year.


Fast forward to 2019, both Amanda’s daughter Olivia and her company, Amanda Lodge Design, were born. Amanda, Eric, Olivia, and their Goldendoodle, Lola, now reside in Houston, Texas.